IGIGI's Marcela Lace Skirt review

Marcela Lace Skirt from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel (http://www.igigi.com/)
Get ready for a picture fest, I had so much fun taking pictures for this review for IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. They contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a review for them and I happily accepted, I feel that promoting and sharing knowledge of various plus size brands to others that are looking to find good quality plus size clothing is really important, especially for me as I am a plus size girl, I have a strong passion for fashion and I'm thrilled to get the chance to receive and try a piece from such a great plus size brand as IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. AMAZING! 
Thank you!

I really think the pictures speak for themselves. This Marcela lace skirt is the "perfect" LBS, haha, Little black skirt, little black lace skirt. It's simple, chic and comfortable. That's why I decided to try it out. I got it in a size 12 cause I read it had a wide and stretchy waist band, and it fits perfect, like a glove, so thanks to the stretch I would say that the size are accurate with this piece, it just can't go wrong. There really aren't anything that I do not like about this skirt, I honestly really love it. You can just tell that this piece is unique in it's on way, but most of all a good quality piece. Also a lace skirt that works both for fancier occasion as well as on a everyday-basis. A paired it together with my favorite denim jacket, simple light pink top and black wedges for a chic everyday look.
This Marcela lace skirt is a dream come true and definitely worth the money.
(if you want to see more pictures please visit my flickr page.)
So what do you think about the looks of this fabulous lace skirt? I'm curious to know.
Thank you IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel for creating beautiful plus size clothing, be sure to check out their website, http://www.igigi.com/, facebook page http://www.facebook.com/IGIGISTYLE, or their Twitter page http://twitter.com/#!/IGIGI... and share some love.

ALSO, also important this is the LAST day to enter for the $50 giftcard at IGIGI.com. Just click here to go to the Giveaway post.


OOTD Love you Denim jacket

What I'm wearing: Denim jacket from VILA, Top from HM, Skirt from HM, Leggings from Pieces, Lace up wedges/booties from Skopunkten, glasses from Tommy Hilfiger.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. Thank good it's the weekend and I'm off work. I'm planing a delicious chicken dinner, quality TV-time, maybe some "Melodifestivalen" (Shlager) with ice cream as dessert. AND my baby sister will be home so I'll have company. Yay!


OOTD Ready to shop

What wore today is simple, just leggings and over size knitted top and my new boots. Perfect outfit for a afternoon of shopping at HM. I got a lot of club membership bonus checks from them for spending so much money at HM last year, haha. I do NOT dare to share...:P But I got about a 100$ to spend. I've been waiting for this day ALL week, but I've been working. So finally I got to go shopping a little bit, I'll show you all what I got later. (if you want)
Tomorrow I'm off work again, and I have something exciting planed...something to do with...review...and IGIGI. Don't forget to enter the giveaway of a chance to win a $50 gift card at IGIGI. (click here.)

Thanks for reading.


I don't want to wear socks anymore...

Can you tell I'm excited about spring but most of all summer. I'm running out of socks, they have like all left me, they just vanished. (I think the washing machine eats socks, right? :P) I had SO many socks before, but now I have none, and I'm sick and tired of wearing socks and having to find a pair every morning, I just want to wear SANDALS!!! I went through all summer in Jersey never having to wear socks, not a single time. I brought ONE pair...and it collected dust in the drawer....love. Sandals above are from Skopunkten, it's to early to buy sandals now, it's -25°C here at night. I KNOW RIGHT!! Frikkin' insane, hate it. it's so frikkin' cold. so....I'm gonna have to wait a couple of more months, weep. 
I want to wear sandals. I want to be sock free.


OOTD Kabel Stickat

What I'm wearing: Cardigan new on sale from Åhléns. White top from Nelly.com, Black and white pattern skirt from HM, Stockings from Lindex, Black wedges from Skopunkten.

Hope you all have a great day today, I'm off to work, but before that...here's an outfit from yesterday. I'm in love with my new knitted cardigan and black wedges. Also, don't forget to enter my new giveaway if you haven't already ;) Thanks for following.



http://www.igigi.com/ IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel are so kind (Thank you so much!) to let me gift away a $50 Gift card/Gift Certificate to one of my blog followers. I'm super excited! and I hope you enter...
-Please visit http://www.igigi.com/ and let me know what piece of clothing from them that you would love to own and why. (Link me.) I'm curious to see what you would love to wear.
-Type that down, copy and paste that link, and add your e-mail for contact and "comment" that on this blog post.
-You must also be a follower of my blog through "Google Friend Connect". (See bottom page.)
-Comments that doesn't meet the requirements will unfortunately not count.
 -Make a blog post on your blog about this giveaway.
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 For additional entries be sure to comment the entries in separate comments.  
Deadline: March 1st

Thank you for following my blog, DO enter this giveaway! And stay tuned for a upcoming review for IGIGI by Juliya Raquel. Got the package today, I'm SO excited. :D Thanks again.

Two pieces and bathing suits

From Ellos.se, Jsfn, Abecita and Fresh Spirit.

Summer isn't even close to begin with here in Sweden, but I can't help but to dream about these pieces. I'm def. looking for a high waist bottom, and something romantic vintage looking on top like the 3 two piece's above from Abecita, check their stuff out, they got some amazing pieces! 
Getting (almost forcing, getting over the fear and insecurities about my body and what people would think) myself used to wearing two pieces last summer has really made me excited about the beach this year as well, http://jasiferlionsclub.blogspot.com/2010/07/beach.html
Know I know exactly what I want to wear now and what fits me, what I'm comfortable in, fuck what everybody else thinks about a "fat" girl wearing a two piece ;) , and I need to get my hands on some of the above pieces. Thoughts?



Package delivered from Heaven

Received my HM package the other day and just wanted to share so photos of what we got, me and my sister. She'd been waiting for those flower heels for forever, at least a couple of months, and she finally got them and they are GORGEOUS! Don't you think? I got myself a pair of black heels as well on sale, love em', but can't walk in them. HAHA! Also, got this army green jacket for spring and a black beautiful fancy MAXI dress on sale as well. I'll show these pieces better later on in an OOTD post.
Oh and that pink top my sister is wearing isn't it cute, I'm thinking of getting one myself, love the volume and fall of it, perfect for summer when you need to wear something comfortable and not to clingy.


Spreading the love

Just wanted to share some of my resent favorite outfit posts from a few of my favorite fashion blogs.
I have so many favorites, but these 6 blogs are on the top right now. These outfits really make my heart beat out of excitement of wanting to dress to impress as well. I'm truly inspired, just so you know ;)
Keep it up.


OOTD Hello Sundress

What I'm wearing, Dress from Forever21, Black over size cardigan from Monki, Mocha colored stockings from We love colors, Black boots from Vagabond, Black knitted loop scarf from Ica Maxi, Army green jacket from Frk, Fringe bag from HM.

We're finally starting to have "longer" days now, days with more day light outside, yay! I can not wait for spring, I wore one of my favorite sun dresses yesterday, who says you can't wear sun dresses during winter? :) paired it together with the Mocha colored stockings I got from We love colors. Love em'.


Tara Lynn in Zizzi Denim jeans.

Tara Lynn showing off denim jeans from Zizzi. (http://www.zizzi.dk/)
Love these photos of her, she really pulls them all of nicely and I'm more inspired now to wear more denim jeans then ever! Always been a bit reluctant to wearing jeans cause I've always owned ones with a really bad fit, they just end up collecting dust in my closet. They have never been perfect, and I've given up hope of ever finding a pair that would fit well on me, but today I've started to try again...cause I thought, to hell with that and lets give it another try, I can not ONLY wear leggings all the time, haha. So i found a couple in the US, at Faith21 so I got new hope now, and now I'm thinking about getting myself a pair of Zizzi jeans.