FINAL entry to the challenge

Wear a bodycon dress/outfit (Check!)

Black top from H&M, Colorful skirt from Ginatricot, Rings from F21 and H&M, Wedges from H&M.

I'm done! This is the final entry to the Big Fat Summer Challenge!
Bodycon was an un-familiar name to me up until now, I guess pretty much Bodycon is wearing a "Tight" outfit, am I right? (*^_^*) So I went with this outfit today, tight top and skirt, and decided to post a profile picture of it to :) to show of some BELLY. ;)

Can't wait to see the other girls who are participating's outfits! :) I'm excited!!
Might do I recap for fun.


Six Flags, NJ.

We love sky rides. ;)

Hey, I'm superman, yay! First time on a rollercoaster where you get to "fly" on.

Bizzaro, my favorite.

The park from the sky ride, and me and Jason.

I wore a really comfy top with big pockets from F21, and H&M Garden collection shorts, they fit really tight on me, size EU 44. but I seriously think they expanded 2 dress sizes that day cause of me being so darn sweaty, the humidity was nuts!! They had aircon. at the restrooms, it was so hot outside that I seriously considered just staying in there until the sun would go down. lol.

Anyways, just wanted to share some pictures, had lots of fun and if you're ever around, GO TO SIX FLAGS, GREAT ADVENTURE! :)

Rollercoaster fun

Holding on tight, second row to the left. (Bizzaro)

Oh lord what a sweaty and hot day (so frikkin' humid) at the Six Flags, Great Adventure amusment park.
So happy me and Jay went today, we tried to go yesterday but had to return cause we arrived too late and it was crowded, hate when that happens, then it's just not worth the money.
Haven't been to an amusment park for years so this was a lot, a lot of fun.
Jason made me go on all the crazy rides, and we had time to do them all, and even a couple of times, we were really lucky, it wasn't crowded at all. Score!
More pics to come...stay tuned for some more "hot" pictures.
(I think my (usually) super tight Garden Collection shorts expanded 2 dress sizes today from my sweaty thighs. LOL.)

Do you like crazy rides?

Creativity rules

Day 19 - A talent of yours.
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Click on illustrations to view bigger

What I love the most in life is to be creative, it is something I love to be in life and at work. It would be amazing if I could have a job where I could be somewhat creative, for example, working as an art director, graphic designer, interior decorator, illustrator, etc. however, before that I need some more education and the right connections.
Today with no Adobe Illustrator on my new MAC I haven't illustrated in a while so I'm starting to feel a bit rusty, but here are some old ones, I consider this my talent, drawing and illustrating, enjoy. :)


Have faith!

Day 18 - Whatever tickles your fancy
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Some pieces I'm liking from F21/Faith21 atm. Really adore Tara Lynn in these clothes, and the pictures up on Faith21's site. She looks amazing as always! (You guys gotta check it out if you haven't already!)

China Town, NYC.

I love being in NYC. Oufh, Don't wanna taste thoese wasabi flavoured seaweeds.

Cool chinese looking building with a startbucks in it. :)

Can't be in china town without eating chinese food.

Some pictures from China Town, NYC. Can't wait to go back to Cannal street!! When we were heading back, we were getting tired and it was starting to get dark out, for a whole block...A WHOLE BLOCK, I had to pass all the illegal selling of fake bags. They had all of a sudden made they way out from the shadows, lol, as it was starting to get dark outside, OMG, the bags looked GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! They had them in big suitcases opened like they were ready to make a run for it if the police would show up, lol, I wanted to die, I wanted to stop and have a look but I knew if was gonna get crazy, they really know how to sell and push you to buy when you're not even sure if you want the thing yet and are just looking, I didn't have the energy for it, BUT....omg, I have to go back!! I know it's illegal but hey, at the moment Im far away from being wealthy enought to have the real stuff. And I'm not so much for flashing the brand but I like the simplicity and classy-ness of some designer bags.You feelin'me? (*^_^*) No one needs to know.


A true artist

Day 17 - An art piece
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Crystal Renn, beautiful, tasteful, artsy pictures in my opinion (*^_^*) hope I haven't offended anyone by posting naked pictures. *scared* please don't flag me. hehe.

Crystal Renn, ladies and gentlemen! (I love these pictures.)