OUTFIT / All White


Oh wow. It's been a while...
I'm like the worst, I just don't have time. (Or do I?) Do I need to re-evaluate what I spend my time on, on an everyday basis? Haha. I don't know man. I work two jobs. At least 50 hours a week. At the end of the day I just want to spend all the time I have with my other half, my best friend, my love.
It's hard man...
But I love my blog! As well as everything it stands for.

So, showcasing my new hair cut in this post. Heeeeey! I decided it had to go, it was a frizzy, damaged mess. To be honest, I love this short hair cut and I think I'm going to keep it like this for a while. Or what do you guys think?
This really pretty dress is from ASOS.COM, gifted to me from ASOS. (THANK YOU ASOS, you guys rock!) It's from the CURVE line. I love the lace detail it has, so feminine and chic. Also, white is a great color for summer, gives a nice crisp look. Also, it has a little bit of a sleeve, which I personally like because I don't really like my arms...or showing armpits. Is that weird? haha.
But anyway. I've lost a lot of weight this past year, a total of 40 pounds! I can't really believe it. I've gone from a size 16 to a size 10/12, XL to M/L. I'm happy. I feel better and healthier. Now I just need to hit the gym and tone, I'm a little flabby still. HAHA! (Oh and yeah, you can tell this dress is a little too big on me.)

Good news! GIVEAWAY! Comment below to get the chance to win a $10 gift card from ASOS!

Deadline 7/31.

Stay tuned and don't forget to comment loves!


OUTFIT / All Stars

Hej Hej!

Hope everything is well with you all. I can not tell you how excited I am that Spring is finally here!
I love spring, minus the all the frikkin' rain, but hey! After rain comes sun, and the sun will then bring flowers and it will be beautiful. I love the fact that we can finally wear lighter jackets and layer up with accessories without having to hide it all under a huge winter coat. You feel me? :)
Had the pleasure to met up with my dear old friend Shay from A Thick Girls Closet, a lunch date was long over due and it was super nice catching up. Always is! Of course we had a little "Photo shoot". (Thanks girl for taking these awesome photos!)

So, right now. The Pop-in shop at Nordstrom is an ALL Converse shop. 
The set up is amazing, eye-catching, colorful. With lots of fabulous seasonal sneakers for spring! Also, every weekend we have Artists in the shop that Air-Brush your own design to your sneakers. So cool! Gets super busy tho, SO busy! But hey! I get to wear sneaker at work. And these black classic ones are super comfortable, thank god! I love them, they go with everything, am I right?
Did you know that the Converse All Star sneaker has been around for 96 years, with very little changes, where today sneakers change all the time, that is pretty un-heard of. Pretty cool right.
Anyways, gotta run!

Stay tuned for more updates ;)

What I'm wearing:
Jacket from BP. available at Nordstrom, Beanie from Trend Accessories available in Nordstrom, cropped top from BP. available at Nordstrom, Skirt from Forever21 Plus size, Converse sneakers from Nordstrom, necklace from HM, Tote bag from Lush.


OUTFIT / Roshe Runs


Hope you all have had it well since last post. Sorry for being away for a little while. As usual, life takes over and I get busy...followed by lazy. So bad, I know. But it's life right now lol.
So was out and about again with my boyfriend a few weeks ago in The Bronx, and snapped some outfit photos.
I haven't worn my hair up in a pony tail for quite some time now, I used to always do a messy bun, or a nice one, or pony tail kind of on the side. But I think I stopped kind of because when I gained weight my face got bigger too and rounder and I honestly started to feel a little self conscious. Because it's when you see that, you realize...yeah...I really gained weight man! Anyways, I've lost some weight now so there's really nothing stopping me, actually I should wear it up more often again, starting now. Anyone got any good hair style tips? Please comment!

Got my first Nike Roshe Runs from my boyfriend on valentines day. We both gave each other new sneakers...so cute! I love these. The print is different, but subtle. Goes with everything you wear, which is SO nice! Decided to dress it up with a pop of color and statement necklace. (Why not?) 
But anyways, the sneakers are awesome! So comfortable! So casual! Like Tom's but with extra cushion on the soles and especially heels which personally I need. After a long shift at work, walking in flats on hard floow. At the end of the day I get shooting pains up my legs from my heels. It sucks! But the Roshe Runs really helps, I just change into them when I leave work.

Anyways, hope you guys had a great weekend!

Stay around.

What I'm wearing: 
Dress from HM, Necklace from Tildon available at Nordstrom, Jacket from She's Miss, Sneaker from Nike Roshe Runs.


OUTFIT / Stay Warm!


This winter has been cold! I'm Scandinavian, I should be able to handle the cold. So you would think...but no. I can't. It's been really cold this winter here in the U.S. and I can't wait for warmer weather! This awesome winter coat has been keeping me warm all winter so far. So happy I spotted it in this new little boutique in the mall at Garden State Plaza called SHE'S MISS. I love the poofy collars and hoodies their jackets have, I'm definitely going back to see if I can find a cool jacket for the spring too. It's like grey-ish on a little bit on the green side and then black inside, love it! It's stylish and warm, WIN! WIN! For me! Haha!
Anyways, been shopping a lot at LOFT lately, love LOFT! Their clothes are so chic and feminine, but young. Trendy and Stylish. Got this sweatshirt looking dress from one of their special collections. LOVE IT. So comfortable and cozy. I wear it at work with a cute statement necklace and it works. I know HM have some too now. I need to go there and get one, they are in a lighter grey, NEED IT! So easy to wear.

How have you been staying stylish through this cold winter?


What I'm wearing:
Jacket from SHE'S MISS, Dress from LOFT, Stockings from Spanx, Boots from Sam Edelman, Necklace from Ur and Penn.


OUTFIT / New Beginnings


So I've decided to start blogging again for real...for real, FOR REAL! Haha, I've brought my camera and tripod to my BF's (I'm there a lot.) So now there's no excuses! Lets do this. 
AND, now I have a "photographer" as well, who doesn't mind taking my photos. Thanks babe!
The other night we went out for a little "photo shoot" in the Bronx. I have to admit I felt a little photo-shy at first, I don't know, I felt a little awkward about it. Maybe because it was a "first". My bf taking photos of me for my blog, like, heeey! This is awesome, "firsts" are great! Who wants to live life not trying out new things, or getting out of your comfort zone?
But anyway, we had so much fun!  (as you can see.) I just had to warm up a bit. Haha!

Alright, I've never been a "sneaker"-person. I always thought sneakers looked like shit on me, or just didn't fit my style. How wrong was I? Got my very first New Balance sneakers this Christmas from my bf, at first I was like, omg, sneakers...am I really gonna wear these? I was scared, Haha! Just kidding.
I was super happy tho! Hey, They look fly! Lets make this work. 
I wore them everyday, even in the snow, that's why they are ALREADY a little beaten up. There's nothing nicer than to change into your sneakers when leaving work after a long shift wearing not-as-comfortable shoes. It's like walking on clouds! And honestly, they go with everything! 
These sneakers changed my style a little. Haha! I dress more casual after work, and that was exactly his plan when giving me these sneakers. You smart baby! I love it! ;)

What I'm wearing:
Shirt from UNIQLO, Beanie from Nordstrom, Jacket from SHES MISS, Jeans from NY and Co, Sneakers from New Balance.

So now, he totally made me into a "sneaker-head". Now I have 3 pair of sneakers. Haha! Jeez. Am I entering a new obsession? Got a pair of new black/grey NIKE Roshe Runs from my bf on Valentines. (And I got him a pair for Valentines as well, Twinsies!) LOVE! I'll show them of next time ;) More is to come so stay tuned.
Sorry for my absence, but thank you so much for sticking around following and reading my blog still! Means the world to me! Sending you guys massive virtual hugs!


New Beginnings.
New year, new you! Time to re-charge!
Try new things. Explore! Play! Have fun! Experiment with fashion.
New challenges, New love, New life.




Hope you guys all had a great weekend!
SO! Super excited that ELOQUII is back in action! Right!?
Ok Ok, I got to admit I never actually bought anything from them, they were my guilty pleasure to visit and window shop from for hours and hours straight. Admiring their pretty dresses, fancy pants and cute tops. Haha! I meant to shop their "Closing-SALE" but of course, my luck, never had my size, every clothing I liked had sold out in my size, don't you just hate when that happens?
Anyways, loving that they are back. Because I'm ready to shop!
I love their feminine style, so sophisticated yet trendy and fashion forward! I also love the flattering shapes and cuts, I'm sure all these pieces are gonna look fly on any curvy body! I've had a thing for black and white lately so I'm loving this collection because it has a lot of that, haha! But they still made it interesting. Trendy patterns and prints, edgy cut-outs, peplums and new shapes.
It's perfect!

If you haven't seen their newest LOOKBOOK yet I made a little collage for you below, Enjoy!

Omg, SO my favorites are the black and white skater skirt, the black and white striped dress, studded dress and flower print skirt (because it's so cute!). I NEED this black and white skirt in my life. It would be perfect to wear for work. Same goes for the dresses, especially the black and white one, so cool! And the flower printed skirt, super feminine and chic!

So what are your thoughts about ELOQUII's comeback, more importantly they new COLLECTION!?
Share your thoughts with me!

Stay tuned,




It's been way too long since I last updated. Sorry for that! ...again. haha.
Life is still just too crazy and busy, it's PACKED! I look at my schedule on my iPad, I try to keep up and put all my scheduled shifts at Nordstrom AND Lush together to get a better overview of my weeks to come, like to see wheeeeere I have free time, haha, and all I see is colored blocks, long ones, that fill the week and I'm thinking to myself. DAMN. 
Why am I doing this to myself?
...and then I remind myself that...
Cash is King! 
Hahahaha! I'm such a workaholic it's not even funny. But it supports my shopping obsession so it's all good...kind of, not really, I really need to start saving money because my living situation sucks! Let me tell you...
I'm mostly at my BF's place in the Bronx, like for real, everyday. He is my everything right now. My Love!
My life has changed a lot the past 6 months. I'm happy about it but there's still some things that needs to be sorted. I need my own place! For realzz! I need a home base, my own space, where I have all my stuff, My "desk/table" where I can get organized with my papers and shit.Where I can hang all my accessories on the wall without anyone complaining, as well as photos of my family and friends back home. Whom I miss VERY much! Sometimes it hits me without knowing.
I all of a sudden feel super down, empty, and my heart starts hurting, it feel cold. If that makes sense.
I start to try to figure out what's wrong but it's not easy, everything feels difficult. This usually happens on my Sunday's off, haha, which sucks. Because who wants to be sad on their day off?! Like...OMG. MY LIFE!
But then it hits me, like a punch in the face! 
It sucks. I stay strong, but sometimes it's a lot and I can't help but to feel like life sucks.
But really, there's a lot of good things going on still...let me tell you, haha!
SO! I applied for FUTURE NORDSTROM LEADERS and got in! Heeey! High five! Super happy and excited about it. I've already had a couple of classes and learned a lot A LOT already. Had a Nordstrom RACK switch-day which was pretty cool! RACK rules! Guys, if you want to shop designer shoes, accessories and clothes.........for an affordable price......RACK! 
Anyways, so the program is gonna prepare me to be the best Assistance Manager, and *fingers crossed* in the future and even better MANAGER, Oooooooor *prays* an awesome STORE Manager! So, in the beginning of this year I set a New Years Resolution to grow at work, and I now AM! :) 
LUSH is a blast, learning a lot there too as well, everyday I learn something new! And that is a god thing.
Remember guys, always be curious! ;)

So that is pretty much what's new with me. I've been lounging around a little too much when I'm not at work. I could have updated the blog more and such. I will. For some reason today I feel super inspired to pick it up again. Because, I still be looking fly a work, haha, and I would love to share my outfits. As well as my new fabulous "kicks", my BF has slowly turned me into a sneaker-person. They are like God's gift to your tired feet, AND they look mad stylish. WIN WIN!

Anyways, stay tuned!
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great and relaxing Sunday!